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Construction Management Process

We Build Quality Buildings.

Construction Site

Design Enhancement


Our constructability reviews at various stages of the design process maximizes design efficiency and reduces risks, costs and the project schedule.

  • Development Permit

  • Building Permit

  • Issued for Tender

  • Issued for Construction

Cost Control


Our cost management process is a combination of revolutionary thinking, problem solving and extensive expertise.

  • Evaluation of Tendered Scopes and Contracts

  • Management of Cost Savings Options

  • Value Engineering Strategies

  • Proactive Management of Risks and Opportunities

  • Lean Construction Approach

Concrete Truck
Mobile Crane

Schedule Certainty


Beginning with the end in mind, our approach to achieve any schedule commitment is driven by teamwork and collaboration

  • Pull-Planning
  • Production Plan | Look-ahead Schedules

  • Proactive Management of Constraints

  • Logistics Planning

  • Lean Construction Approach

Quality Assurance


Our philosophy is to build with the best industry practices to ensure a high calibre of construction

  • Procurement of material and trade partners

  • 4-points Deficiency Process

  • In-site Mock-ups, Testings and Inspections

  • Quality Control Management on Site

Constuction Worker

Pre-Construction Process

VC Management Inc.'s success is driven through diligent execution of pre-construction and construction processes.

Confirm Project Requirements

Consultant Meeting + Design Feedback Review

Drawing Review

Assemble + Contract Project Team

Issued for Building Permit Issuance

Project Risk Analysis

Implement changes into Building Permit Drawings

Issued for Tender Drawing Review + Tende

Development Permit Drawing Review + Value Engineering


Issued for Construction Drawing Issuance

Assemble Site Team

Shop Drawing Review

Change Order Management

Occupancy + Project Turnover


Site + Project Management

Procurement Management

Quality Control + Inspections

4-Points Deficiency Process


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